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Yoga classes

Moving and breathing for your wellbeing

Practicing yoga energises your entire body and keeps stress at bay, ensuring you return home from your Apulian holiday invigorated. To enhance the regenerative power of the Apulian land, Infinito Resort organises both individual and group yoga classes.

Classes take place on the beach with the sound of the sea waves replacing your thoughts, on the soft grass by the swimming pool or in the privacy of your own glamping tent. The scent of nature will surround you regardless of where you choose to practice yoga at Infinito Resort.

Book either an individual or group yoga class to move your body and ensure your wellness.

Info and booking

Individual and group yoga classes are available to all the guests of our sea glamping who register in advance. You can book the classes directly with the concierge or by filling out the registration form below, specifying your contact details and preferred time.

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