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Diving in Apulia

Exploring the depths of the sea

Dive into the depths of our crystal clear sea and discover the colourful life hidden on the seabed. There are many coves for deep diving in Puglia. Our water cave tours will invite you to admire the wonders of the magical underwater world.

During a coral reef dive, you can admire the colours of the corals and discover the vast mosaic of marine biodiversity that inhabits our seas and protected areas, such as the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve. Mackerel, frigate tuna, urchins, and octopuses are just some of the species you can meet.

Book your dive in Puglia and explore the depths of the sea, from caves to the wonders of the coral reef.

Info and booking

Diving sessions are available to all the guests of our sea glamping who register in advance. You can book directly with the concierge or by filling out the registration form below, specifying your contact details and preferred time.


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