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Cycling tours

Discovering Apulia

Every ride is a breath of fresh air with all the scents of the Apulian countryside. Explore the hinterland and its treasures on a ride: dry stone walls, endless wheat fields, lush green meadows and trulli, Apulian ancient and now modern dwellings.

You can choose to continue your ride along the coast and have a complete bike tour. Don’t fear the sand – e-bikes make pedaling easier, reduce fatigue, shorten distances, allowing you to enjoy all the wild corners of the Mediterranean.

Book your cycling tour and explore Apulia from the hinterland to the coast in the wild and beautiful Mediterranean maquis.

Info and booking

Cycling tours are available to all the guests of our infinito resort who register in advance. You can book directly with the concierge or by filling out the registration form below, specifying your contact details and preferred time.

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