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Torre dell’Orso

Discovering Apulian towers

The ruins of the Torre dell’Orso coastal tower can be found here, about 20 metres away from the sea. The tower was built on a high, rocky cliff, ridden with cavities, overlooking the shimmering bay. For about one kilometre, the bay stretches between two cliffs, boasting dunes of fine sand and a dense pine forest as its backdrop.

A unique pearl of the Adriatic coast, Torre dell’Orso is a bay with crystal-clear water. Here you will experience true calmness, basking in the warm sunshine on the sandy beach. It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its clean beaches and the Cinque Vele (Five Sails) by Legambiente for hospitality and sustainable tourism.

Visit Torre dell’Orso, the pearl of the Adriatic coast, and relax by the sea with fine sandy beaches and turquoise water.

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